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Monday, November 16, 2009

Movie : Sex Is Zero 2

sex-is-zero-2 Good-hearted Eun-sik is a law student who, driven by his hormones, is more preoccupied with checking out miniskirt-clad legs in the library than preparing for the state exam. Eun-sik seems doomed with bad luck, with unfortunate timing always labeling the innocent guy as a pervert. But mysterious workings of the universe give him one blessing. His longtime girlfriend is none other than the most popular girl on campus, the sweet and beautiful swimming champion Gyeong-a. Even though Eun-sik grows increasingly desperate with their unconsummated relationship, he is madly in love and will do anything for Gyeong-a, like going to the rescue when she's stuck in a bathroom stall that's run out of toilet paper. Meanwhile, Seong-guk, the president of Eun-sik's freaky martial arts club, tries to help out his sexually frustrated friend, but they both end up getting arrested in a red light district. Despite the disaster, Eun-sik and Gyeong-a's love remains strong. But when a suave prosecutor tries to compete for Gyeong-a's heart and an injury threatens her swimming career, Eun-sik begins to doubt himself.

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